Atlanta, Georgia

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Mike Lewis

Marketing Professor

 Podcast Host

Michael Lewis is the host of the Fanalytics Podcast and Professor of Marketing at Emory University. The Fanalytics Podcast presents deep dives into the world of sports marketing and sports analytics. Professor Lewis has partnered with multiple professional sports franchises on marketing and player analytics projects.


Professor Lewis is known for his analyses of professional and collegiate fan bases and brands. Other topics of interest include competitive balance (league design), player drafting analytics, star power effects, and mascots.   

Beyond the world of sports, Professor Lewis is the Faculty Director for the Marketing Analytics Center at the Goizueta School of Business. He has a research program focused on consumer loyalty, customer lifetime value, dynamic pricing, and brand equity.


His research has appeared in academic journals such as the Journal of Marketing Research, Management Science, Marketing Science, Journal of Marketing and the Journal of Retailing. He has also published in popular press outlets ranging from the New York Times to

About Fanalytics Podcast

The Fanalytics podcast presents deep dives into the world of sports marketing and sports analytics. We talk about topics ranging from how the Super Bowl has become a major marketing event to how analytics can be used to build a franchise. While our topics are diverse, what sets us apart is that we address each topic using rigorous analytics and a solid foundation of economic, psychological and marketing theory

Guests include front office professionals, professors, sports business executives, and sports reporters.

We also produce a timely “Monday Morning Fanalytics video” where we talk about the big sports topics of the week.

The podcast is part of a larger effort to develop content around the topic analytics. The podcast host, Dr. Michael Lewis, is a marketing professor at Emory University and the faculty director of the Marketing Analytics Center.  Part of the center’s mission is to develop and disseminate content related to analytics. The podcast provides original content focused on marketing and performance analytics in the category of sports.


Professor Lewis is excited to speak on a wide range of sports marketing and player performance topics including:

• The economics and psychology of fandom

• How Collective Bargaining Agreements / League Structure affect the fandom

• Player performance analytics  


• How can analytics be used to help teams create valuable fan relationships?

• How can data and analytics help select players from drafts and free agency? 

• Why do mascots and team names matter?

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